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Polarion offers high quality tactical, diving and search & rescue lights. Designed for military and law enforcement, Polarion searchlights can be used for diving, hunting and surveillance.

HID spotlights can be fitted to remote-controlled robots. Olded Polarion lights can be repaired. Click here to fill out repair form.

Call us at 1-860-350-2825 for additional information.

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    Abyss D PF40 Abyss Dual S 30 and 45W
    Abyss DPF40Abyss Dual S 30 and 45W




    AC-Charger DC Charger PS-PH50D
    AC-ChargerDC ChargerPS-PH50D




    Battery PH Series Battery X1 Series CF3S
    Battery PH SeriesBattery X1 SeriesCF3S




    Filter Green Filter IR (850 nm) Filter Diffuser
    Filter GreenFilter IR (850 nm)Filter Diffuser




    HID Bulb NET40
    Hard CaseHID BulbNET40




    NP1 PH40 PL3




    X1 Search Light
    X1 Search Light


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